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You will need:

One "onesie" any size

Fabric: 1/3 yard of 44" wide fabric (prewashed and dried)

Elastic: 1/2 yard of 1/8" elastic that stretches to at least double the starting length. Test a 2" piece ~~ it should stretch to at least 4".


Fold onesie in half (with snaps closed) so that the bottom lines up with the shoulders.  Press to make a creased line in the exact middle.



Mark the fold on the back and front with chalk along the fold (pressed) line.


Measure across the onesie at the line you just marked.



Cut a piece of fabric:

Width: 4 x the width of the onsie

Length: 1 x the width of the onesie plus 4"

Turn under and press (but do not sew) 1/2" on both long ends


Turn under and PRESS (but do not sew) another 1" on the bottom edge.



If you have a white selvage on one end, trim it off.


(This block intentionally left blank)


Cut a piece of 1/8" elastic double the width of the onesie lying flat.  This will be enough elastic to go around the onesie front and back (lying flat).

Fold both the elastic in half and mark the middle with a pin.  Fold the ends to the middle pin and mark the fold with a pin.  You will have three pins in the elastic marking it into quarters.

Mark the fabric TOP EDGE the same way with pins.


Pin the elastic to the top edge of the fabric matching up the ends and quarter marks.  You will pin the elastic to the inside on the folded down piece (the 1/2" you pressed under in step 5 but did not sew down.


Set your machine to use an elastic zigzag about 5mm wide and 2 mm long.



Holding the elastic taut and the fabric smooth, feed it through the machine allowing the elastic zigzag to stitch across the elastic.  Do NOT pull or push the fabric or you could break the machine needle.  Allow the feed dogs to feed it normally.  Simply guide the fabric through stretched between your hands.


What you have so far



Fold the fabric so that right sides are together and match the raw edges.  Pin together with the bottom edge unfolded


Stitch from top to bottom a 1/2" seam removing straight pins as you sew.  Do not stitch over straight pins.



Press the seam open, then RE-press the hem back into place.  It will be 1/2" up, then another 1" up.


Stitch the hem with a straight stitch close to the upper folded edge of the hem.


Slide the "skirt" over the onesie with the seam in the back.

Distribute gathers evenly and pin so that the elastic is over the chalk line.


Pinned, ready to sew. 


Slide the onesie over the sewing machine arm so that the arm goes through the neck and the needle is over the top of the waistline pinned in place.

STITCH VERY SLOWLY making sure that the layers are flat and nothing is bunching up under the needle.

Stitch a straight stitch, STRETCHING the onesie as shown in the photo to match the stretched width of the elastic at the top of the skirt.  This will allow the waistline to stretch out as it is pulled on and off the baby.