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All pattern groups are delivered digitally for download. They are in Adobe PDF files zipped into one .zip file. 
All Parksbird Patterns are sewing patterns that can be made by BEGINNER or Experienced Sewers. A standard sewing machine that will sew straight and zig-zag stitches is all that is needed. No serger or ruffler foot or anything fancy is necessary - just a basic sewing machine.
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Parksbird Patterns
Complete Catalog of Patterns!


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45 clothing and accessory patterns for babies and kids and 30 Kool-Aid Items plus these extras:

Jeans ruffles

Ferret Fun Tube
Walker/Hospital Bed Pocket
Stethoscope Cover
5 Sizes Bed Pillowcases (from travel to Body Pillow size)

There are 45 patterns not including the 30 Kool-Aid patterns (actually 75 patterns in all). 

Parksbird Patterns How to make a Fleece Blanket with Sleeves ~
Sew your own "Snuggie"!!!

This pattern is NOT included with any other Parksbird pattern or set.

Parksbird Patterns Complete Set for Baby (included in the Complete Catalog)

Parksbird Patterns Complete Set for Toddlers and Kids (included in the Complete Catalog)

Parksbird Patterns Set of
30 Kool-Aid Patterns

Parksbird Extras:
5 sizes pillowcase pattern, Walker/Hospital bed pocket, Stethoscope Cover, Ferret Tube, Jeans Ruffles

Even if this is your sewing project, you can be confident you can do it with my patterns.

Actual Parksbird Pattern

just for visiting my site

just for visiting my site

Please note: A Ruffler foot is NOT required for any Parksbird Patterns


Make a container for used machine needles and bent straight pins
You will need any plastic container with a tight fitting lid
I have used an empty Crystal Light container
It should be at least 2" high

Cut a small "X" in the top
with the tip of a knife.

Label the top with a sharpie or marker

Push used or broken machine needles, bent straight pins or hand-sewing needles through the X to dispose of them safely.


Printed sewn-in panty liners for teens and adults

Forget stains that can't be removed!
Sew in some pretty liners!
(these do not take the place of sanitary products, they are just part of the panty)

Instructions Here
Cut-out TEMPLATE Here

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